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Sonet Net Telecom, Inc. Business Development

SNI offers full cycle business development program designed to maximize the return on existing marketing/sales systems and efforts. It is used in conjunction with established marketing strategies and proposal development structures to produce a complete value-added product.

SNI follows a simple four-step process that guides the development of a marketing effort from a vague concept into a fully executable bid proposal product. Through each step, the product is refined to emerge as a complete compelling value proposition.

From marketing strategies, planning, proposal documentation, transition planning to implementation, SNI offers services that are tailored to your requirements. Whether a start-up or mature marketing organization, SNI can help build your business through a package of business development services that include:

Identification (Pipeline Development/Getting to Go/No Go Decision)
   - Marketing/Sales (Networking, Calling, Email, etc.)
Attending Marketing & Sales Events
   - Services/Intelligence
   - Pre-proposal Conferences
   - RFC/RFIs

• Capture Strategy
-Teaming Arrangements/Staffing
-Sub vs. Prime/Contracting Strategy
-Pricing Strategy/Competitive Analysis/A-76 & IGE costing
-Technical and Management Assessment/Gap Analysis

• Proposal Design, Planning
   - Flight Plan (Roles and Responsibilities, Checklists, Schedules)
   - Proposal Writing (Formats, Styles, Technical and Business Writing, etc.)
   - Reviews
   - Cost Proposals/Cost Modeling
   - Oral Presentations
   - Proposal Production and Submission

• Project Implementation
   - Transition Planning
   - Project Start-up/Launch
   - Contract Management and Administration

SNI’s business development services are highly useful when preparing proposals, in researching and defining new markets, in assessing conditions of prospective business sectors as well as individual opportunities, in analyzing the capabilities of internal resources with respect to these market opportunities, and in focusing growth and development strategies. Likewise, our business development services are applicable to many types of projects, including new design and planning, operating contracts, information services, and management services contracts.

SNI provides management and technical guidance in each of the business developments process's four stages to meet the needs of the client. Depending on your particular marketing strategy, SNI may perform in any of the following areas:

Strategic Planning and Assessment of internal and external resources including gap analysis, resource inventories and integration with corporate strategies, plans and positioning in markets.

Perform General Market Assessments of the market place to identify upcoming bids and to assist in assessing bids to determine those most appropriate and help to build sales and marketing pipeline.

• Once targets are identified, SNI can conduct an Assessment of External Conditions that impact a potential business target. This assessment identifies functional and political impacts, risks/benefits, competition, costs to pursue, overall value to the organization, and other issues vital to determining whether or not to pursue a business opportunity.

Identify Resources and Technologies needed to pursue a business target.

Upon deciding to pursue a particular business target, SNI can manage most aspects of the proposal development and award process, including any or all of the following:

Proposal Design, Planning and Management guides the development of the proposal through the use of specific design and integration protocols, counseling, coaching, team building and focused documentation techniques to manage the entire process.

Project Management Services such as providing technical writers, assisting in arranging review teams and establishing protocols for the collection and arrangement of data.

Proposal Administration such as managing the support contract for the proposal development effort, hiring temporary staff, coordinating invoice process, travel, etc.

Recruiting Assistance to identify prospective team members.

Assist with Review Teams by developing effective review strategies and protocols, assisting in the selection of review (e.g., red) team members, and coordinating briefings, and compiling and synthesizing comments and recommendations.

Assist with Award/Transition by helping in negotiations and leading a functional assessment to identify roles, responsibilities and resource requirements up to launch.

Assist in Start-up and Operation of New Contract by providing general management consulting services needed to upgrade functions and to integrate the management team into the new working environment.

Ordering our services is easy, straight-forward and convenient.

1. First, contact us by phone, email, or fax to initiate a discussion concerning requirements – work scope, schedule, retainers, associated fees and general issues.

2. Next, we will arrange to meet with you for a discussion and presentation of our services and potential value points based on your requirements.

3. Upon mutual agreement of terms and conditions, a contract will be signed.

4. Upon approval of the contract, a site visit will be arranged, during which time a preliminary planning session with key staff members will be conducted.

5. Following the site visit, a work plan will be developed and mutually agreed upon.

6. Work will be performed pursuant to the work plan.

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